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Short Story Pack Vol 1 Sample

Written by Zita Grant

Narrated by A.I. Voices John, Matthew and Charlotte. Unabridged

Genre: Science Fiction

An exclusive not available anywhere else, collection of short stories that walk in the realm of Science Fiction. Each addressing the subject of transhumanism, and evolution of things in the earth because of the dissatisfaction of mankind's human state.

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Henshin ~ Excerpt from upcoming series being written What do you do, when you no longer become one observing the effects of transhumanism experiments being done on patients, but instead find yourself being one of the observed?

Free If you were being held captive and subjected to cybernetic experiments, would you take your opportunity for freedom? Could you still retain your humanity and be used by God?

Razor Blood Vine We all hear that Still Small Voice warning us not to do certain things, go certain places. Often we walk away without little scars to show for us not heeding the warnings. We all think we'll be so fortunate, or will we?

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