The Brotherhood of St. Augustine: Altered Demon ~ A Lunch Box Read

by Zita Grant

Genre: Utopian Fiction, Science Fiction, Paranormal

When two opposing ideologies are forced together, a new organization is formed in hopes of saving man from near-total damnation. Rapid technological advancement, some tote, is the way to rid Earth of the soul-devouring demons taking over men, women, children, infants, and even the yet unborn. But those who hold fast to faith herald that understanding the laws of the spirit world gives one the advantage over science. The stakes were too high for leaders of the world to continue the argument, so The Brotherhood of St. Augustine was born.

For a discarded one, The Brotherhood of St. Augustine may have once meant salvation from a life of loneliness and despair. Still, even a trained soldier has a bad day, a missed opportunity to right wrongs. Will a chance at freedom and the kindness of a stranger finally usher in some remnants of joy into the life of a troubled individual? Or could it be that their only companion holds the key to transport not only their body but soul as well to the outer and inner depths of Earth, where happiness may await?