Syfy Suspense Lunch Box Reads: Box Set #1

by Zita Grant

Genre: Science Fiction, Suspense

A collection of stories with plots that will remain with you long after reading.

Enjoy these stories whenever you need a quick escape, anytime, anywhere.

Razor Blood Vine

We all hear that Still Small Voice warning us not to do certain things, go certain places. Often we walk away without little scars to show for us not heeding the warnings. We all think we'll be so fortunate every time, or will we? Find out what happens when two friends, Brad and Justin, decide to take a shortcut home after just another Friday night.

Jill TX160: A LitRPG Artificial Intelligence Save the World

Some argue that we live in a matrix. A world created by code in some supercomputer, controlled by the mastermind coders. For a world, where few not so long ago have learned that there is life, intelligent, powerful life inhabiting space just beyond their existence, a matrix may just possess the key to defending life as they know it.

Jill and Team Zero are part of the last hope. A group of trained soldiers, equipped with the most advanced weaponry their world has, along with an origin unknown tactical advantage from beyond, called Seed. Having a certain mental toughness and skill set that those standing by with bated breath, hope, white-knuckled that Team Zero succeeds in their latest mission.

For the mastermind coders, their latest creation is too valuable to place a dollar value on it. No, if the countless hours and lines of code they’ve slaved over crashes, or worse, don’t live up to everyone’s expectation, the time to exhale their bated breath will quickly approach. Follow Jill, her TX160, and Team Zero as they venture beyond the rift.


If you were being held captive and subjected to cybernetic experiments, would you take your opportunity for freedom? Could you still retain your humanity and find purpose in the world? Well, these are the questions Terrin will be forced to answer. But if Michelson and his dog Cannon have their way, Terrin may not get the chance to find out. Still, in life, there is always hope and a helpful stranger willing to lend a hand.

The Brotherhood of St. Augustine: Altered Demon

When two opposing ideologies are forced together, a new organization is formed in hopes of saving man from near-total damnation. Rapid technological advancement, some tote, is the way to rid Earth of the soul-devouring demons taking over men, women, children, infants, and even the yet unborn. But those who hold fast to faith herald that understanding the laws of the spirit world gives one the advantage over science. The stakes were too high for leaders of the world to continue the argument, so The Brotherhood of St. Augustine was born.

For a discarded one, The Brotherhood of St. Augustine may have once meant salvation from a life of loneliness and despair. Still, even a trained soldier has a bad day, a missed opportunity to right wrongs. Will a chance at freedom and the kindness of a stranger finally usher in some remnants of joy into the life of a troubled individual? Or could it be that their only companion holds the key to transport not only their body but soul as well to the outer and inner depths of Earth, where happiness may await?