Pray Or Be Prey Book III

by Zita Grant

Genre: Speculative Fiction, Paranormal Suspense

(The End Has Come)

Even when there are those who have dreams full of insight, secret alliances, and hidden truths, nothing is truly as it seems. Being able to quickly adjust one's plans may be the only way to survive what's coming for those from The Camp and Earth. For Mirah and Ayularc, time is just about up. For Kebila, hope for a new beginning feels just within reach. Luckily for Lu, the secret that has spurred his quest may go undiscovered. Can he keep it, though, from possibly the last human woman to claim his heart?

With several scientific breakthroughs happening at The Camp and on Earth, the timeline for initiating Phase 3 has changed. Everyone at The Camp and the few on Earth who know about Phase 3 is holding onto their own version of what the future could be. Part of the cost for it, though, means that personal sacrifices will have to be made. The question is, who will survive the transition from one life, existence, and reality into the dawn of the new one hoped for? Lu, Ayularc, and Mirah have chosen to put everything on the line. Each understands that not everyone is going to win.