Pray Or Be Prey Book II

by Zita Grant

Genre: Speculative Fiction, Paranormal Suspense

(The Story Continues)

Mirah and Ayularc are both mentally reeling from memories of recent events. How and why their lives have become intertwined is something they desperately want to figure out. Yet, Mirah’s drive to uncover the truth about what is taking place in and around her city, is making Ayularc’s once unhindered routines become filled with obstacles, pitfalls and half-truths. With all of his years living, he may at last experience defeat at the hand of a petite, relentless woman. A woman whose weapons are ones he’s never had to defend against. Can the two of them find common ground to solve the mystery that has changed their lives? Or will self preservation and the need to win at all cost, make them lose sight of what is really important?

While Mirah and Ayularc are trying to fit a tiny-piece puzzle together, Lu, a cunning strategist and leader to a powerful army, is about to be center stage. He has waited for seemingly endless lifetimes to loosen the chains which have bound him and his dedicated brothers in arms. A spiritual line in the sand has been drawn and one that Mirah or Ayularc will have to cross over if they want to survive the wrath that is referred to as Lu.