The Veil: Awakening

by Zita Grant

Genre: Speculative Fiction, Paranormal Suspense

It's like Constantine meets Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

"The first few chapters of a novel have to really hook me or I don't continue reading. This one had me from Chapter 1..." Jane E. Woodlee Hedrick, Novelist of The Omega Watchers Series

When you can no longer run away from your destiny, you have only one choice......face it!

Xian with the help of Michael, an angel sent to be her trainer, finally learns what the dreams and visions were preparing her for. Now with the ability to see behind the veil separating the physical from spiritual world, she learns how to hone her given skills to fight the demons that are out for blood. Question is, does she have what it takes and can she not be distracted by the undeniable attraction to Michael? Could he be attracted to her too?