Be Free From Spirit Spouses (Marine Spirits): Book One

by Zita Grant

Genre: Spirituality, Christian Science, Occult

Over 475, 5-Star Online Reviews and Counting

"Get deliverance, get peace, get armored up and get ready to fight, because those that are after you and your bloodline are playing for keeps."

Have you ever had any of the following types of dreams, getting married, wet dreams, being pregnant in a dream, giving birth, swimming or seeing bodies of water in a dream? Or when you reflect on your life you note that there have been at least one of the following happen; miscarriage, impotence, financial failures, hardship (no matter how much you work you cannot get ahead)... None of these mostly dismissed occurrences, believed to have no relevance to our lives, are of pure coincidence.

This book explains how everyday events are continuously pointing to past decisions made either by someone in our family or by ourselves. If you want to get to the root-cause(s) of the things in life you just cannot seem to “shake,” then I strongly suggest you read this book to literally unveil the mysteries, roadblocks, and created intents which have never been addressed in your bloodline. Some of them can be from hatred and jealousy, handling of dedicated objects, inherited from ancestors, breaking of spiritual laws.

Just because YOU may not believe a thing, doesn’t disqualify it from happening. All things cannot be physically dealt with, BUT you physically have to take that first step in order for change to take place. Get knowledge, get understanding. Equip yourself with the tools needed to see a difference in your life. Use them as if your life depends on it because in reality, the quality of life you live, actually does!

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