Before The End of Days: The Misconceptions

by Zita Grant

Genre: Spiritual Warfare, Christian Spiritual Warfare

The Anti-Christ Agenda is without question, moving more swiftly across the world. The misconceptions surrounding subjects in this book have been passed on for generations without much objection.

World events, laws being passed, and the increasing undermining of God’s Word being shared all correlate with what followers of Jesus Christ refer to as “the end of days.”

During my quest to understand just what misconceptions have plagued Christians for so long, the areas included within this book’s text came to mind. Beliefs surrounding the rapture, tithing, once saved always saved, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Yoga, Astral Projection, familiar spirits, Freemasonry, fraternities, Order of the Eastern Star, and sororities.

My prayer is that the historical approach and inclusion of Scripture will help you to see or at least further question why you intend to continue to take part in these beliefs and organizations. Despite the smiling faces and pretense of “happiness” many are desperately searching for truth and revelation. Could your “joy” and “freedom” be attributed to the breaking of your mindset and oaths? I’d bet to say they are.

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